The College Scholarship is open to all academically qualified applicants. As general rule, a Scholarship awardee must have passed the College Admission Test and the Admission requirements of Colleges where he/she intends to enroll. The Scholarship awardee must show proof of personal integrity, good moral character, scholarship qualities, and civic consciousness in the form of certification signed by either of the following;

  • Chairman of the Barangay/community where he/she resides;
  • Head of the school or duly authorized official of the school last attended;
  • Civic/religious leader of the community where he/she resides.

The awarding of scholarship slots shall be in accordance with the program thrusts of the college, viz:

  • Maritime Education
  • Marine Biology
  • Education
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries
  • Food Science/Technology
  • Marine Technology
  • Post Harvest
  • Hotel Restaurant and Management

Renewal/Termination of Scholarship

A Scholarship Awardee:

  • Must take the prescribed full load for a given term;
  • Must have a general weighted average of 2.50 or better
  • Must not have a failing grades
  • Must not commit and be found guilty of offenses.
  • Withdrawal/dropping of subjects and school leaves must inform the Scholarship Committee. Such request should be duly recommended by the Program Chair and approved by the College Dean
  • Failure to comply with items e.1.2 and e.1.3 be dealt with or case to case basis for 3rd and 4th year scholars.


  1. Recipients of scholarship grants in the form of monetary assistance that do not prescribe a particular level of academic performance may be exempted from the coverage of items e.1.1 and e.1.2 of the Scholarship Awardee.
  2. The grant of exemption shall be decided by the Scholarship Committee en banc to some pre-identified programs of the College.


The Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology has granted scholarships to deserving students:

  1. Academic Scholarship
  • Secure Scholarship application from Student Scholarship Office
  • Fill out form and attached grades of previous semester noted by the Program Chair and College Dean, submit to the Head, Student Scholarship Office
  • Secure a duly signed scholarship certification from the Student Scholarship Office.
  • Proceed to enrolment.

The following criteria are considered for academic scholars:

  • President’s List – 1.00 to 1.20 weighted point average (WPA) with no grade lower than 1.50 in any subject (100% free tuition per semester)
  • Dean’s List – 1.21 to 1.45 (WPA) in any subject with no grades lower 1.75 (75% free tuition)
  • Director’s List – 1.46 to 1.75 (WPA) in any subject with no grades not lower than 2.00 (50% free tuition)

2. High School Graduates with Academic Honors

Valedictorian and Salutatorian who graduated from duly recognized schools receive the following benefits:

  • Valedictorian: 100% tuition fee discount only for one semester
  • Salutatorian: 75% tuition fee discount only for one semester

3. Rules and Guidelines for CPAG, Band, Athletic and College Band

  • Attendance in training/practice and invited performance must be strictly observed. Members with three (3) unauthorized absences in a semester shall be dropped from the group and scholarship benefits.
  • Authorized absences are those incurred by students due to illness and this should be properly supported by a medical certificate and must write a letter an excuse letter duly signed by a parent/guardian noted by the coordinator, approve by the Head of the Student Affairs.
  • A scholar must attend classes regularly. Academic performance must always be a priority. Failure in any subject means disqualification from the scholarship.
  • A scholar is expected to behave in accordance with the accepted norms and conduct and discipline. Proper disciplinary action will be taken when a scholar demonstrates misconduct.
  • A scholar must always display an excellent performance in any show or presentation on and off campus.
  • Secure application from Student Scholarship Office
  • Fill out form with documentary requirements to unit coordinator for evaluation
  • Report to unit coordinator for audition/try-out and interview
  • Secure scholarship certification from the office of sports coordinator, CPAG, Mast Chronicle and College Band
  • Present duly signed scholarship certificate to the Head, Student Scholarship Office for verification and profiling
  • Proceed to enrolment
  • Free tuition and miscellaneous fee for College Band

4. Employee’s Privilege

  • Children of ZSCMST Employee
  • No record of infraction of school IRR on serious offenses
  • Present Birth Certificate (NSO authenticated)
  • Free tuition only

In the event that these stipulation are violated, then school authorities can implement the DISCONTINUANCE of the privilege.


As a general rule, the applicant goes to the sponsoring agency to apply for scholarship. The applicant is usually screened/evaluated by the sponsor itself. The successful applicant is then awarded scholarship certificate which he/she is going to present to the school where he/she intends to enroll. In rare cases, the Scholarship Office Is authorized by the sponsoring agency to conduct interview or recommend qualified

Each scholarship program has its own policy and ruling in screening and granting of scholarship opportunities to prospective applicants. From their own pool of applicants, they select deserving ones and refer them to the Scholarship Office through endorsement letter and, certification of award so they will be acknowledged as scholars by the College.


  1. Applicant presents scholarship certificate duly signed by sponsoring agency to Student Scholarship Office for verification
  2. Official letter or endorsement from agencies concerned of their official list of scholars
  3. Fill out scholarship profile form
  4. Proceed to enrolment

1. Barangay Scholar

Must be legitimate dependent of a duly elected/appointed barangay official or an SK member with certification signed by the Mayor or municipal local government officer.
Free Tuition only

2. Bureau of Aquatic Fisheries and Resources (BFAR)

  • Academic Scholars
  • Fisher Folks

Nationwide recruitment examinations of Fisheries Scholarship Program (FSP) Fisherfolk Children Educational Grant Scholars and Academic Scholars

  • Maintain the scholastic standing until completion of the four year course –BS Fisheries Program
  • Shall maintain a general weighted average of not lower than 2.75 for every semester.
  • An incomplete grade shall immediately removed by the SCHOLAR regulations.
  • A conditional grade of 4.0 shall also be removed immediately.
  • A failing grade of 5.0 in any given subject shall automatically disqualify the SCHOLAR
  • The SCHOLAR may drop only one (1) subject during any regular semester provided that he/she takes it up in the succeeding semester


  • Free Matriculation and other fees
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Semestral Book Allowance
  • Thesis Support
  • Graduation Support

3. Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

  • CHED Full Merit
  • CHED Half Merit
  • CHED-Grant –In-Aid
  • Tulong Dunong (TD)
  • CHED-Special Study Grant Program for Congressional Districts
  • CHED One Town One Scholar (OTOS)
  • CHED Gender and Development (GAD)
  • CHED Presidential Malacanang Staff-Office of the Pres, (OP)
  • CHED Special Program – PDAF of Sen Koko Pimentel

General Rule:

  • Shall enroll in duly authorized higher education institutions and in identified priority programs;
  • For scholars under Full Merit and Half Merit, shall maintain a general weighted average (GWA) of 2.5, B or 80% and for grantees of Grant-in-Aid, shall maintain a passing grade, or may have a failing grade in one or two subjects only within a given semester
  • Shall carry a full semester load and shall finish within the normal duration of the course or curricular program;
  • Shall not allowed to defer enrolment during the semester except former meritorious reasons, however, deferment may be allowed only for one school year or two (2) semesters; and
  • Shall render at least two (2) years return service within the Philippines after graduation for Full Merit Scholars.
  • Failure to maintain a GWA of 2.5 or 80% for Full Merit and Half Merit and for Grant-In-Aid with failing grades in more than two subjects within a given semester.
  • Dropping out from school without notifying the CDEDRO concerned;
  • Semester load is below the regular number of subjects or units prescribed by the HEI.

DOST-2012 RA 7687 Scholarships

A poor, talented and deserving student who belongs to a family whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of certain indicators as approved by the Advisory Committee on S&T Scholarship. Passed the examination given by DOST.

  • School Fees – P5,000/academic year
  • Transportation Expenses – for those studying outside of home province
  • Clothing Allowance – Physical Education Uniform (P500.00)
  • Monthly Living Allowance – during actual study, for 10/11 month duration of an academic year.

Grade Requirements:

  • First Year – 2.5 or better and No failing grade in any academic subject
  • Second Year – 2.5 or better and No failing grade in any academic subject
  • Third Year and Fourth Year – Passing grades in all academic subjects provided that you take the regular load per semester and complete the course within its prescribed period.

Zamboanga City Scholarship Ordinance 332

To poor but deserving students belonging to the top twenty-five (25) of the graduating class of National/Public High Schools in Zamboanga City. All top ten (10) students of the graduating class of all National/Public High Schools in Zamboanga City, who passed any Public-Tertiary Entrance Exam in the city, shall be qualified to apply for an educational assistance of Five Thousand (P5,000) Pesos, per semester for four (4) years, if said student shall enroll in said public tertiary school within Zamboanga City.

The scholar shall be enrolled with regular load units per semester as required by his course, and maintain a minimum weighted grade average of 2.25 or its equivalent, without any failing grade in any subject.

Department of Agriculture – ACEF Scholarship Program

  • A student must be a Filipino citizen
  • Incoming college, post secondary, returning students, and other qualified and interest applicant;
  • He/she intends to enroll in any SUC’s and other TESDA-managed and supervised post-secondary education and training institutions.
  • He/she must be in need of financial assistance
  • He/she must be in need of financial assistance
  • He/she must be of good moral character, and
  • He/she must not be a recipient of any government scholarship grant of similar nature.
  • Must maintain in GPA of 2.50 every semester
  • Must not have any conditional or failing grades
  • Must not drop any subject
  • Must take the full semestral load.
  • Must not be subjected to disciplinary action carrying a penalty of one month suspension or more
  • Must not be convicted of any administrative and criminal charges.
  • Must participate in agricultural and fishery community service such as service to farmers, livestock raisers and fisher folks under the SUC agriculture and fishery extension program either as part of field research or an Adopt-AFarm, Adopt-A-Forest Program of the SUC Extension Office, and.
  • Must enter into a contract of agreement with the government to render service (for every year of full scholarship the scholar shall serve two years in the government)
  • Financial Assistance in the amount of P 7,130.00 per semester

National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP)
Republic Act No. 8371, otherwise known as “The Indigenous People Rights Act (IPRA) of 1997

  • Must be a member of the Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples
  • Family Income not to exceed One Hundred Thousand Pesos
  • He must be physically and mentally fit to pursue his/her studies


  • A grantee is required to carry regular load on the baccalaureate course he/she is taking as prescribed in the approved curriculum of the school concerned.
  • Educational assistance is continued for the succeeding semester if the grantee passes all subjects taken during the semester.

Grounds for Disqualification:

  • Those found out to have tampered or falsified the required documents, and
  • Those who are mentally and physically unfit to continue their educational assistance

Grounds for Discontinuance

  • Grantees who are enjoying any other government scholarship programs
  • Grantees who incurred 25% failing grades of the total units enrolled for two consecutive semesters;
  • Inability to complete the incomplete grades with the prescribed period allowed by the school; and
  • Dropping, shifting of courses, transferring without the prior approval of the concerned NCIP Regional Office.


  • Financial Assistance in the amount of Five Thousand Pesos (P 5,000.00)

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA)


  • A certification of endorsement issued by the Director/Manager/President
  • No failing grades

Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA)

  • A certification of endorsement issued by the Director/Manager/President
  • No failing grades

La Hermandad Zamboanguena Foundation Inc (LHZFI)

  • You must remain single during the duration of the scholarship
  • You will live a decent, moral life. Immoral conducts such as live-in relationships, using or pushing drugs, and other criminal behaviors will cause the termination of the scholarship
  • You must maintain high grades with no lower than 2.50 or its grade equivalent in any subject in any grading period.
  • You must write a letter, in your on handwriting to the LHZFI Scholarship Committee at least once a semester telling us about your school family activities
  • Tuition and school fees shall be paid by LHZFI – payment made directly the school concerned
  • Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000.00) per semester


Capt Nasser Hamoy Scholarship Foundation

  • High school graduating students belong to Top 10 and residing at Dapitan City and Dipolog City
  • Maintain a good grades or better and no failing of grades
  • Free tuition and other miscellaneous school fees
  • Board and lodging

Western Mindanao Power Corporation

College Financial Assistance to deserving High School students of the nearest barangays, Manicahan, Bolong and Sangali and must belong to the Top 5 of the graduating class and with a weighted general average or 85% and above , with no grade below 80% for him to qualify.


  • Tuition and Miscellaneous fees
  • Book Allowance
  • Uniform Subsidy
  • Transportation Allowance

Dona Vicenta Fernandez Scholarship

  • Not over 24 years old at the time of application
  • Must be a good moral character
  • Must be deserving
  • Financially poor – family income not more than P80,000.00 monthly
  • Tuition fees, miscellaneous fees
  • Monthly allowance

Katilingban Para sa Kalambuan, Inc.

Certification of Award

GSIS Edu Child

Pre Need Plan

Prudential Life Education Plan
Pre Need Plan

ZSCMST Assistance by College

ZSCMST Faculty and Employee Scholarship


No scholar may shift to a new course, drop any subject, or take a leave of absence without prior knowledge of the Head of Student Scholarship Office.

CHED- Sajahatra Bangsa Moro
PLDT Smart Foundation Gabay Guro
Expanded Student Grant-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA)