We cordially invite scientists, researchers, extensionists and professional from academe, government and non-government agencies to join as participants and paper presenters (oral and poster). SESSION TOPICS:
  • Aquaculture, marine technology and fisheries post-harvest technology
  • Aquatic Ecology, Biology and Biotechnology
  • Oceanography, Marine Geology, Deep-sea biodiversity studies in Benham Rise and Kalayaan Islands
  • Fisheries and sustainable utilization of aquatic resources
  • Indigenous aquatic resources management practices, gender and socio-economics
  • Limnology and freshwater indigenous fauna and flora
  • Plankton biology and productivity
FIMFS is an organization that adheres to institutional membership. From fiver charter members in 1968 it has now become a 22-member organization composed of public and private institutions of higher learning in the Philippines that are involved in marine and freshwater sciences. The essence of partnership is the collegial sharing of research outputs, facilities, resources and expertise. One of the major activities of FIMFS is the annual scientific, convention or conference which is hosted in turns by the institution members. This year's 49th Annual FIMFS convention will be hosted by Zamboanga State College of Marine Science and Technology. Download the official FIMFS Flyer.