The Search Committee for Private Sector Representative to the Board of Trustees of the Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), formally and publicly announces that the NOMINATION FOR ONE (1) PRIVATE SECTOR REPRESENTATIVE TO THE ZSCMST GOVERNING BOARD is now OPEN.

Here under are the minimum qualifications and documentary requirements:

A.  Nominees for Private Sector Representative to the ZSCMST Board of Trustees must possess the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a Filipino citizen and a prominent resident of Zamboanga City;
  2. Must be a person of unquestioned integrity and probity and must not have been convicted of any  administrative offense or crime;
  3. Must be successful in his/her profession(s) or chosen field(s);
  4. Must be from the industry, business, or profession that can contribute to the pursuit of the mandate of the ZSCMST;
  5. Must have at least five (5) years proven experience in a managerial position or corporate governance;
  6. Must have solid contribution to the community and/or country;
  7. Must not be connected with ZSCMST in any manner for two (2) years prior to the nomination;
  8. Must have an extensive record of employment, business, expertise, and connection with the private sector. lf the nominee previously worked in any capacity with a government entity or was a consultant in any government undertaking or whatever nature, the proportion of the time served in the government should not exceed one-fourth of the entire time served in the private sector;
  9. Must not in any way be presently employed or appointed to any position in any government agency or entity (national, local, or government-owned or controlled corporation), be it on a full-time or part-time basis, at the time of the nomination; and Must explicitly manifest availability of time and commitment to the service of ZSCMST.

B. Five (5) copies of the following documents:

  1. Duly accomplished Nomination Form   (Note: Nomination Form can be downloaded from the ZSCMST website).
  2. Curriculum vitae of the nominee signed under oath; and
  3. Certified true copy of documents in support of data or information specified in the curriculum vitae of the nominee.
Submit nominations and all required documents to the office of the Board Secretary, Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology, Rio Hondo Zamboanga City. Deadline for submission of all requirements is on May 2, 2017. For inquiries, please call (062)992-3092.